January 9, 2018 CMA Meeting recap

CMA of Memphis hosted one of our most successful events with the viewing of the movie “Screenagers.” The film dealt with the important issue of digital devices, their use and the affects on the family and our youth.

The event was held at St. Louis Parish’s Culan Hall and light refreshments were provided.

There were approximately 90 attendees of all age groups— pre-teens, teens, young adults, parents and grandparents of these folks, as well as religious— at the presentation. The film presentation lasted approximately 70 minutes and everyone was engaged— only three adult attendees briefly checked their digital devices.

Following the film there was a facilitated group discussion regarding how the film explored the subject, as well as how these devices are affecting our Catholic world here in Memphis. The discussion lasted only 20 minutes— but could have continued quite a bit longer.

We look forward to our next event on Humane Vitae presented in conjunction with the Diocese of Memphis— Father Ben Bradshaw will be the facilitator.



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